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    Li Xueyuan
    [Abstract](5064) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](169)
    The clay mineral and chemical composition of clay fraction, morphologic al feactures, physical and chemical properties, as well as cation exchangeproperties of three soil profiles collected from Wuhan were studied. The soil formingconditions and genesis p
    2  Study on the Adjust Blood Lipid by Procyanidin of Lotus Leaf Tea
    孙智达 杨尔宁 李斌
    2004, 23(6).
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    3  Advances in Research Potassium Nutrient and Appliment of Cotton
    xiaying 姜存仓
    2009, 28(1):1-5.
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    Advances in Research Potassium Nutrient and Appliment of Cotton XIA Ying1) JIANG Cun-cang1) CHEN Fang2) LU Jian-wei1) LI Xiao-kun1) Hao Yan-shu1) ( 1) College of Resources and Environmental Sciences , Huazhong Agricultural University , Wuhan 430070 , China; 2) Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan 430074, China) Abstract The article reviewed the effect of potassium fertilizer on yield and the chang trends, technique of applying fertilizer in main cotton production regions in China in recent 50 years, elaborated the effect of potassium on the nutrient function, resistance and quality.The effect of potassium fertilizer was difference in different periods and regions.In recent years, as the promotion of potassium fertilizer and increase the applied amount, the effect of potassium on increasing yield in cotton was decrease gradually in some cotton production regions. So, the necessity of potassium fertilizer, applied time and applied amount should depend on the potassium condition in soil and the rule of requirement of fertilization.
    4  Combining Ability Analysis in Rice Using Recombinant Inbred Lines 
    FU Xin-min WANG Yan GAO Guan-jun HE Yu-qing
    2010, 29(4):397-402. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)04-0397-06
    [Abstract](4009) [HTML](0) [PDF 980.48 K](3690)
    Seventeen restorer lines with fertility restorer (Rf3/Rf4) and plant hopper resistance (Bph14/Bph15) from B5 genes were obtained with molecular marker-aided selection from recombinant inbred lines constructed through crossing Minghui 63 with B5 and Zhongguoxiangdao.Combining ability,heritabilities and correlation of nine agronomic traits were analyzed using NCII experiment design to cross the 17 restorer lines with 3 wild-abortive type cyto-plasmic male sterile(CMS-WA)lines.The results showed that the general combining ability of nine agronomic traits except tillers per plant were significantly different (P<0.05 and P<0.01).The special combining ability of heading date,grains per panicle and seed setting were highly different(P<0.01).These traits were controlled largely by additive effect.Most traits were affected by sterile lines except plant height and seed setting influenced much more by restorer lines.The broad heritability and narrow heritability of most traits were higher than 60%.Broad heritability and narrow heritability of tillers per plant and yield were lower than 50%.Yield per plant were significantly correlated with tillers per plant,grains per panicle and seed setting at P<0.05and P<0.01.Correlation coefficient were significant at P<0.05 andP<0.01 between general combining ability and phenotypic values for most traits.
    5  Virus-Induced Gene Silencing-Mediated Viral Resistance of Transgenic Papaya to Papaya ringspot virus (PRSV)
    阮小蕾 王加峰 李华平
    2009, 28(4).
    [Abstract](3953) [HTML](0) [PDF 0.00 Byte](381)
    将PCR检测呈阳性的T4代转复制酶(replicase,Rep)基因番木瓜植株在苗期接种番木瓜环斑病毒(Papaya ringspot virus,PRSV)Ys株系,定期采取不同部位的叶片进行Northern blot分析.结果表明:接种PRSV之前,在植株的各部位均能检测到转基因完整的Rep mRNA,但接种后不同时间在接种叶以上部位陆续出现了Rep mRNA的降解;接种后30 d内,接种叶下部第1片叶上始终未出现Rep mRNA的降解;另外,在发生mRNA降解的叶片上都能相继检测到小分子干涉RNA(short interferring RNA,si RNA)的产生.这说明转基因番木瓜的抗病性与mRNA的降解及siRNA的积累有着密切的关系.这种抗性发生在转录后水平上,是由病毒诱导的基因沉默(virus-induced gene silencing,VIGS)介导产生的.
    6  Relationship between Leaf Anatomical Structure and Heat Resistance of Primula
    HU Wei-juan ZHANG Qi-xiang PAN Hui-tang DONG Ling-ling
    2010, 29(3):363-368. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)03-0363-06
    [Abstract](3328) [HTML](0) [PDF 11.41 M](5553)
    The index of heat injury and leaf anatomical structure under the scanning electron microscope of six Primula species were measured to study the responsive mechanism of Primula to the high temperature and to select the heatresistant Primula species.The results showed that Primula forrestii and P.malacoides franch had higher heat-resistance than that of P.obconica,P.veris,P.saxatilis,P.denticulatess.,P.sinodenticulata with lowest heat-resistance.Leaf anatomical structures of Primula associated with heat-resistance included leaf thickness,tightness of mesophyll cell arrangement,the number of open stomata,the number of epidermal hair and powders of leaves.
    7  Effects of nitrogen deficiency on nitrogen metabolism and expression of genes related during vegetative growth stage of rice
    罗 凤 卢永恩 杨 猛 练兴明
    2012, 31(1):16-22. DOI: 1000-2421(2012)01-0016-07
    [Abstract](3320) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.07 M](7025)
    Nitrogen is one of essential nutrients for plant growth.Under the N deficiency at different time points,the dynamic changes of the expression of genes and activity of enzymes related to nitrogen assimilation in rice were investigated.The results showed that the concentrations of ammonium and nitrate significantly reduced under the N deficiency.Under the N deficiency for a short time,the expression level of genes including NR1, NR2, NiR2,GS2,Fd-GOGAT,GDH2,GDH3 in the shoots as well as NR1,NR2,GDH4 in the roots were up-regulated,and then their expression level decreased after a long time under the N deficiency.Along with the extension of time under the N deficiency,the GS,Fd-GOGAT activities in whole plants,NR activity in shoots and NADH-GOGAT activity in roots decreased while the NADPH-GDH activity in shoots increased.In roots the activities of NR,GDH increased at first and then decreased,while in shoots the NiR activity was just the opposite.Re-supplied N after 7 days of N deficiency,the transcriptional expression level and enzyme activities of NR,NiR,GS,GOGAT,GDH restored,and expression level of some genes increased as well.
    8  Progress on growth regulation of high boron efficiency absorption,utilization in plants
    LIU Ling DUAN Xianjie XU Fangsen WANG Sheliang
    2022, 41(2):1-8. DOI: 10.13300/j.cnki.hnlkxb.2022.02.001
    [Abstract](3239) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.91 M](1509)
    The pathway and mechanism of boron(B) acquisition dependent on plant B transporters have been fully revealed,and the physiological response process of plant B deficiency has also been widely studied. In order to deeply explore the adaptability of plants to B deficiency and its potential mechanism,this review systematically summarizes the important research progress from three aspects:the plant B absorption and transport pathway,the physiological response of B stress and the adaptive regulation to stress by B,mainly including B absorption regulation,genetic improvement of B efficient plants,hormones and B stress and the importance of B in other stresses. It is expected to provide theoretical reference for B regulating plant stress adaptation and a way to achieve B efficient genetic improvement.
    9  Effects of germination conditions on growth characteristics and nutrition of mung bean sprout
    尹涛 丁俊胄 陈芸 谢雯雯 熊善柏 赵思明
    2015, 34(4):120-124.
    [Abstract](3199) [HTML](0) [PDF 976.50 K](10381)
    Effects of soaking temperature,cultivation temperature and watering frequency on the growth characteristics and nutrition of mung bean sprout were investigated. Growth characteristics and nutrition of mung bean sprout were significantly affected by soaking temperature,cultivation temperature and watering frequency (P<0.05). When the bean was soaked at higher temperature (40℃),body weight of the cultivated mung bean sprout was heavier,hypocotyl was longer,contents of free amino acid (FAA),water soluble sugar (WSS) and γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) were higher. The hypocotyl was longer while the diameter was smaller when the bean was cultivated in the relatively higher temperature (30-35℃). When the watering frequency decreased,weight,hypocotyl length and diameter decreased,WSS content decreased first and then increased,FAA content increased first and then decreased,GABA content was fluctuated. The optimal germination conditions of mung bean sprout were soaking bean at 40℃ for 5 h,with cultivation temperature of 25-30℃ and watering once per hour.
    10  Retrospect and prospect of development and innovation of tea plant genetics and breeding in China
    WANG Xinchao WANG Lu HAO Xinyuan LI Nana HUANG Jianyan DING Changqing YANG Yajun
    2022, 41(5):1-8. DOI: 10.13300/j.cnki.hnlkxb.2022.05.001
    [Abstract](3137) [HTML](262) [PDF 770.96 K](1808)
    China has a long history of tea plant breeding and a solid research foundation as the origin of tea plants and a major tea producing country in the world.Clonal tea cultivars and vegetative propagation techniques first appeared in China,and China has bred the largest number of tea cultivars in the world.The researches on the genetics and breeding of tea plants in China have accelerated after the reform and opening up.After entering the 21st century,it has achieved good results in many fields including the number and diversity of cultivars bred,breeding technology,and basic theory of breeding,especially in the fields of tea whole genome sequencing and assembly,functional genomics and other fields,leading the world and strongly supporting the high-quality development of tea industry in China.This article reviews the history and achievements of researches on the genetics and breeding of tea plants in China,and sorts out the problems existing in the genetic rules of the main characters of tea plants,breeding techniques,and innovation of breakthrough varieties.In view of these problems,some priorities of researches on the innovation of basic theories of genetics and breeding,breeding technology and cultivar in the future are put forward.It will provide valuable reference for further studies on the genetics and breeding of tea plants.
    11  Comprehensive degree of land-use at different scales based on spatial autocorrelation regression and geographically weighted regression models
    宁秀红 郭龙 张海涛
    2013, 32(4):48-54. DOI: 1000-2421(2013)04-0048-07
    [Abstract](3086) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.58 M](8666)
    The spatial distribution of Valley County land use degree in 2009 was studied and the spatial autocorrelation of land use degree and its driving factors in different scales were analyzed.A spatial autoregressive model and geographically weighted regression model was established from the perspective of global local.The results showed that there was a certain spatial autocorrelation in land use degree and its driving factors with scale effect.Spatial regression model could estimate the overall parameter of various factors while geographically weighted regression model could give the local parameter of various factors.Scales of geographical weighted regression model could reflect the detailed geographical information to some extent.
    12,a Perl script for searching motifs in a group of related DNA/protein sequences
    李旭凯 彭良才 王令强
    2014, 33(04):1-6.
    [Abstract](3057) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.17 M](3367)
    A motif is a sequence pattern occurring repeatedly in a group of related DNA or protein sequences,and is an important concept for describing the common structure and function shared by the members of a protein family.However,the motif can be quite complex and is often difficult to predict the pattern of amino acid sequence.To get the desired results of the short motifs (2-4 polypeptides) derived from various bioinformatics is still a difficult task.The can be used to solve this problem and provide a convenient set of Perl script for working with biological sequence motif.A Perl script was written for searching very similar amino acid sequence pattern or motif in a group of related protein sequences by matching all the possible amino acids fragments permutation and counting frequency and position of each motif matched in sequence.
    13  Design of mountain orchard detachable unidirectional traction double track cargo vehicle
    欧阳玉平 洪添胜 焦富江 苏建 徐宁 李震 陈金德
    2015, 34(1):128-135.
    [Abstract](3026) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.21 M](6835)
    In order to overcome the transition,field operation, and standardized batch production difficulties of the existing track cargo vehicle in mountainous orchard, as well as to raise the utilization rate, the mountain orchard detachable unidirectional traction double track cargo vehicle was developed. This paper introduced the whole machine structure, the wire rope diameter selection,the minimum track inclination,the maximum track distance,the minimum track turning radius and the working principle of the rope brake device. Load experiments were carried out to test the cargo′s synthetic track function. It is indicated by calculation that the wire rope diameter should be 7.7 mm,the minimum track inclination was 5.7°, the maximum track distance was 170 m, the minimum track horizontal turning radius was 7 m, and the minimum track vertical turning radius was 2 m. Load experiment results indicated that the cargo vehicle′s uplink average speed was 0.51 m/s, the downlink average speed was 0.54 m/s, the average energy consumption was 1.235 kW·h and the effective use degree was 100%. This cargo vehicle was suitable for fruit, pesticide, chemical fertilizer and other cargo transportation in the mountain orchard. Meanwhile, it can be applied to carry the spraying machine, the shave machine and other agricultural machines.
    14  Connotation,mode and development strategy of ecological tea plantation
    SHANG Huaiguo ZHOU Zeyu YANG Wen DU Jianbin WANG Kejian LENG Yang
    2022, 41(5):9-15. DOI: 10.13300/j.cnki.hnlkxb.2022.05.002
    [Abstract](2999) [HTML](246) [PDF 2.16 M](1328)
    Tea is an important cash crop in China,and its planting area ranks first in the world.With the large-scale development of tea plantations,a large number of natural vegetation complexes have been cut down to concentrate and connect.The biodiversity of tea plantations is decreasing day by day,resulting in the deterioration of surface ecology and soil ecology,the aggravation of plant diseases and insect pests,and the decline of tea yield and quality.In order to solve the problems caused by the neglect of ecological construction in tea plantations and improve the ecological,economic and social benefits of tea plantations,the tea industry in the new era urgently needs to develop ecological tea plantations.This article reviewed the evolution of the ecological tea plantation concept and the development of its connotation.The ecological tea plantation model explored in the long-term practice of some tea areas was summarized.On this basis,this article puts forward the definitions and construction points of three new modes of ecological tea plantation,i.e.block mixture,three-dimensional and integrated mixture of tea trees and secondary plants in ecological tea plantation.In terms of the main problems existing in the development of ecological tea plantation,some suggestions including building the promotion and application system of the ecological tea plantation theory,improving the technical system of the ecological tea plantation,expanding the cultural and tourism service functions of the ecological tea plantation,constructing the carbon sink methodology of ecological tea plantation,and establishing the certification system of ecological tea plantation were put forward to promote the development of ecological tea plantation in China.
    15  Progress on genetic study and molecular breeding of rice quality
    2022, 41(1):48-61.
    [Abstract](2917) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.61 M](1503)
    Rice is one of the staple food crops in China.High yield with good quality is not only the focus of rice basic studies,but also the main goal of rice breeding.Rice qualities mainly include milling quality,appearance quality,sensory quality,and nutritional quality,which are complex traits affected by both genetic and environmental factors.This article systematically reviews the classification of rice quality traits,influencing factors,the progress of the genetic basis and molecular improvement of rice quality.The prospects of studying rice quality are discussed.Sensory trait controlled by the major gene Wx is a key quality that determines whether rice is delicious or not.Wx,encoding a granular-bound starch synthase,is the major gene that affects the amylose content,gel consistency,RVA and taste of rice.Variation on Wx leads to the difference of amylose content ranging from 0-30%,the different gel consistency and taste score.ALK responsible for gelatinization temperature and fgr for fragrance of rice affect rice sensory quality as well.GS3,GW5 and Chalk5 are the major genes responsible for the diversity of the major components of rice appearance quality including grain length,grain width and grain chalkiness of rice.Molecular marker-assisted selection and genome editing of these important rice quality genes have achieved great progresses.Yet,the genetic basis of rice overall quality is still rarely understood.The quality of most commercial rice varieties in China is still not good.More studies are still needed to fully uncover the genetic basis of rice quality and to improve the quality of elite rice varieties.It will provide guidance for the genetic improvement of rice quality and the breeding of rice varieties with high-quality.
    16  Situation and strategies of rice industry development in China
    2022, 41(1):21-27.
    [Abstract](2852) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.21 M](2062)
    At present,the development of rice industry in China faces prominent problems including the difficulty of stabilizing the planting area,the difficulty of ensuring effective linkage between production and demand,the lack of breakthrough varieties,the low efficiency of rice planting,and the lack of light,simple and high-yield technologies. The development of the rice industry shows the trend of large-scale planting,high-quality varieties,intelligent technologies,personalized consumption and concurrent operation. Based on the situation reviewed above,this article proposes strategies including stabilizing the planting area,improving quality and ensuring supply,optimizing policy system,strengthening scientific and technological support,and making market regulation perfect.
    17  Long-term effects of integrated soil-crop system management on spring maize yield and use effieiency of phosphorus and potassium
    CAO Yaqi WANG Yin ZHU Lin LI Yuxi ZHENG Chunyu CHEN Anji FENG Guozhong GAO Qiang
    2022, 41(2):88-97. DOI: 10.13300/j.cnki.hnlkxb.2022.02.011
    [Abstract](2839) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.10 M](686)
    In order to evaluate the application effectiveness of integrated soil-crop system management (ISSM) and provide technical support for sustainable high yield and efficiency in regional crop production, based on the long-term (2009-2020) located experiment we discussed the effects of no fertilization(CK),farmer’s practice(FP),high yield management(HY)and ISSM on maize yield,plant phosphorus (P)and potassium (K) uptake,use efficiency and soil P and K nutrient status. The results showed that the grain yield in CK treatment decreased dramatically during the 12-year experimental period,a slightly decreased yield trend was found in FP treatment,while continually increased yields trends were observed in HY and ISSM treatments. Compared with FP treatment,ISSM treatment significantly increased the average yield and plant P and K uptake by 26%,24% and 32%,respectively,and reached 98%,91% and 85% of those in HY treatment. The average use efficiency of P and K fertilizer in ISSM treatment were 18.7,1.2 units higherthan those in FP treatment,and 17.4,24.8 units higher than those in HY treatment,respectively. Compared with FP treatment,the 12-year adopting ISSM significantly increased total and available contents of P and K in 0-20 and 20-40 cm soil layers,and available contents of P and K for all the aggregate size fractions in 0-20 cm soil layer. The positive and significant correlations were observed between all the measured parameters,of which the stronger correlations were found among grain yield,plant P and K uptake and use efficiency,as well as between soil P and K contents and those in the aggregate fractions that > 0.25 mm size. In conclusion,ISSM could achieve long-term high and stable yield for spring maize,increase P and K uptake and utilization in plants,and improve soil P and K nutrient supply capacity,consequently promote the sustainable development in the whole soil-crop system.
    18  Effect of bio-floating bed on growth performance and flesh quality of fish in culture pond
    王景伟 李大鹏 潘宙 郭威 谢从新 何绪刚 亓成龙
    2015, 34(4):108-113.
    [Abstract](2797) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.06 M](11570)
    In this study,we investigated the effect of bio-floating bed on growth and muscle quality of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus) and blunt snout bream(Megalobrama amblycephala) in ponds.Two modes of culture ponds were chosen:one equipped with bio-floating bed was the experimental pond,and the other without beds was the control pond.At the end of the experiment,we measured the growth parameters,the muscle conventional nutrients,water holding capacity (WHC),and texture characteristics using biochemical and physical methods.The results showed that the final weight of fish cultured in the experimental pond was higher than that in the control pond.The hepatic somatic index of grass carp (1.77%) in the experimental pond was significantly lower than that of the control (2.47%).The condition factors of grass carp and blunt snout bream (1.73 and 2.56,respectively) were significantly higher than those of the control (1.64 and 2.40,respectively).There was no significant difference in the eviscerated weight of both carp and bream between the experimental (91.06 and 88.28,respectively) and the control (89.22 and 88.49,respectively) ponds.The drop loss (14.49% and 10.69,respectively) and water loss rate (17.52% and 10.34%,respectively) of the experimental grass carp and blunt snout bream were significantly lower than those of the control.The cooked rate of the experimental fish was significantly higher than the control.The muscle crude fat content (1.89%) and crude protein content (14.60%) of grass carp in the experimental ponds were significantly higher than those of the control (1.54% and 13.46%),whereas muscle water content (81.68%) of the experimental fish was significantly lower than that (82.65%) of the control.There is no significant difference in muscle ash content between the two groups.Unlike grass carp,only muscle crude protein content (17.23%) of the experimental bream was significantly higher than that (15.90%) of the control.The muscular hardness,gumminess,and chewiness of the experimental carp (5 298.10 g,2 450.78 g and 770.78 g,respectively) were significantly higher than those of the control (3 226.79 g,1 881.43 g and 602.80 g,respectively).The resilience (0.31) and cohesion (0.48) of experimental carp were significantly lower than those (0.43 and 0.58,respectively) of the control.However,only the muscular springiness of the blunt snout bream in the experimental pond was significantly higher than that in the control pond.
    19  Situation and prospect of studying tea microorganisms
    HUANG Youyi FANG Xin SUI Mengyuan JIANG Guangxian XIAO Jingyi WANG Wenfeng NING Yaoyao
    2022, 41(5):24-32. DOI: 10.13300/j.cnki.hnlkxb.2022.05.004
    [Abstract](2756) [HTML](81) [PDF 701.96 K](1296)
    Microorganisms have always been used in the tea industry and have a positive effect on the development of the tea industry.This article reviewed the effects of the rhizosphere microorganisms,pathogenic microorganisms,endophytes,beneficial fertilizer microorganisms and anti-stress microorganisms in tea tree on the soil in tea garden,the growth and diseases of tea tree to better promote the development of microorganisms in the tea industry.The structure and dynamic changes of microbial community during the processing of dark tea and other teas,and the progress of tea sanitary microorganisms were summarized.It is proposed that the direction for studying tea microorganisms should be established,and the basic research and application research of tea microorganisms should be increased.The integration of tea microbiology and tea science,and the utilization and value-added of tea resources should be enhanced to better promote the healthy development of tea industry in China.

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