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    • >Plant protection
    • Three New Species of the Genus Bolivaritettix Gunther from Guizhou Province,China (Orthoptera:Metrodoridae)

      2010, 29(6):667-680. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0677-04

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      Abstract:In this paper,three new species of the genus Bolivaritettix Gunther:Bolivaritettix paratibetanis sp.nov.,Bolivaritettix dolichotarsus sp.nov. and Bolivaritettix dentanotasp.nov. are described. Type specimens are deposited in the Institute of Zoology,Shaanxi Normal University and the Museum of Hebei University.Bolivaritettix paratibetanis sp.nov.(Fig.1)This new species is allied to Bolivaritettix tibetanis Zheng,2005, but differs in: 1)width of vertex slightly wider than an eye; 2)anterior margin of vertex straight; 3)in profile, vertex and frontal ridge forming obtuse rounded; 4)width of frontal ridge which between antennae narrower than the width of coxa; 5)length of middle segment of antenna 4-5 times its width; 6)humeral angle obtuse angular; 7)hind process only reaching knee of hind femur; 8)hind wing reaching middle of hind femur; 9) lower margin of midfemur wave like; 10) width of midfemur as width as elytra.Length of body: ♂7 mm,♀9 mm; length of pronotum: ♂6.0 mm,♀8.5 mm; length of hind femur:♂4.5 mm, ♀6.0 mm.Holotype ♀, Guizhou: Rongjiang, 108°6′E, 25°9′N, 14-Sept.-2005, collected by SHI Fu-min; paratype 1♂,same data as holotype. Bolivaritettix dolichotarsus sp.nov.(Fig.2)This new species is allied to Bolivaritettix javanicus (Bolivar,1909) and Bolivaritettix huanjiangensis Zheng et Jiang,1995. It differs from both in: 1)width of vertex 1.5 times of an eye; 2)in profile, frontal ridge concave before lateral ocellus; 3)hind margin of subgenital plate of female with three teeth.It differs from the former in: 1)in profile, upper margin ofpronotum slightly convex before shoulders; 2)length of first segment of hind tarsus as long as the third. It differs from the latter in: 1)lateral keels of prozona contract behind; 2)width of midfemur larger than the width of elytra; 3)lower margin of midfemur straight.Length of body:♂9.5-10.0 mm,♀10 mm; length of pronotum: ♂11-12 mm,♀11 mm; length of hind femur:♂6.0-6.5 mm;♀7.5 mm.Holotype♂, Guizhou,Rongjiang, 108°6′E, 25°9′N, 14-Sept.-2005, collected by SHI Fu-min; paratype 1♀, same data as holotype.Bolivaritettix dentanota sp.nov.(Fig.3)This new species is allied to Bolivaritettix circinihumerus Zheng,2003,but differs in: 1)disc of pronotum with numerous tubercles; 2)in profile, with a deep sulcus in the middle of convex of pronotum; 3)lateral margins of pronotum behind shoulders contracted gradually; 4)length of pronotum 4.7 times the length which surpass the top of hind femur; 5)width of midfemur narrower than the width of elytra; 6)width of subgenital plate of female larger than its length.Length of body:♀14 mm; length of pronotum:♀15 mm; length of hind femur:♀8.5 mm.Holotype ♀,Guizhou,Rongjiang,108°6′E, 25°9′N,14-Sept.-2005,collected by SHI Fu-min.

    • >Crop genetic improvement and cultivation
    • Sequence Evolution Analysis of CCT Domain Gene Family in Rice,Arabidopsis,Maize and Sorghum

      2010, 29(6):669-676. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0669-08

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      Abstract:The CCT domain defines a conserved 43~45 amino acids of the 3' region of CONSTANS,CO-like,and TOC1.The plant specific CCT domain gene plays a role in light signaling and regulation of photoperiodic flowering.Meanwhile,the evolutionary relationship among family members has not been well studied.In this study,97 CCT domain containing genes were retrieved from four completely sequenced and annotated genomes.Analyses of corresponding protein structure and genetic relationships showed that CCT domain containing protein genes kept a wide range of variation within and among different species; Sizes of CCT domain gene family were increased through chromosome duplication.CCT domain gene family was classified into four subgroups according to the CCT domain.One sub-group gathered most of the grass CCT domain gene,which might be involved in the regulation of flowering time.The functional differentiation within and among species was comprehensively caused by the expansion of gene family members,structural variation of protein and patterns of gene expression.

    • >Plant protection
    • Insecticidal Activity of Bacillus thuringiensis to Batocera horsfieldi(Hope) in vitro Detection

      2010, 29(6):681-686. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0681-06

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      Abstract:Artificial feeding and bioassay methods of Batocera horsfieldi(Hope) adults had been applied in laboratory, and the insecticidal activity of Bacillus thuringiensis(Bt)to B.horsfieldi had been determined. The result indicated that Bt had obvious poison effect against B.horsfieldi. The B.horsfieldi adults were fed with Rosa multiflora Thunb.branches whose surfaces were smeared with Bt liquid. The death rates, body mass changes and eggs quantities of B.horsfieldi adults were regularly analyzed. Through one primary screening and twice rescreenings, the insecticidal activity of 80 Bt strains to B.horsfieldi adults was determined in laboratory, and the best strain was ZQ-51 which had the most powerful toxicity to adults. In the treatment of strain ZQ-51, the mean mortality was 53.33%, the mean reduction in mass rate was 5.67%, and the mean reduction in hatching eggs rate was 12.48%. These were remarkably different from those of the control group. This strain had been isolated from intestinal tract of infected dead B.horsfieldi again, and was similar with strain ZQ-51 in morphologic characteristics and insecticidal activity, which proved that the toxicity to B.horsfieldi could develop after their intestinal tracts infected with Bt strains. 

    • Effect of High Temperature and Tetracycline on Thelytokous Parthenogenesis Trichogramma pretiosum Riley Induced by Wolbachia

      2010, 29(6):687-691. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0687-05

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      Abstract:The Trichogramma larvae were raised under constant high temperature (30 ℃ and 33 ℃)24 hours after being hatched and their adults were fed with tetracycline of different concentrations (tetracycline+30% honey water:1,10,100 mg/mL). The effects of the above treatment on the sex and egg production of the thelytokous parthenogenesis Trichogrammapretiosum were studied. The results showed that high temperature had a great effect on T.pretiosum, which would become arrhenotoky. It showed that high temperature can kill Wolbachia rapidly. Compared with the untreated T.pretiosum,T.pretiosum growing in high temperature had lower egg production and some intersexes (less than 1%) emerged. The effect of tetracycline on the sex and the egg production of T.pretiosum was also studied. Adults of completely thelytokous parthenogenesis T.pretiosum were continuously provided with tetracycline+30% honey water. After treatment there were some males and intersexes appearing in each generation. Most of the progeny were still females. After continuous treatment of 8 generations with different tetracycline concentrations, the mean number of eggs laid by treated T.pretiosum adults had a decrease tendency at first, and reached the least at F2. And the fecundity tended to ascend later,and the mean number of eggs at F7 and F8 was even higher than that of F1.The mean number of eggs of each generation by tetracycline treatment was distinctly less than that of the untreated(F0). 

    • Electroantennogram Evaluation of the Response of Conopomorpha sinensis Bradley to Plant Essential Oils

      2010, 29(6):692-695. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0692-04

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      Abstract:The electroantennogram(EAG) was used to investigate the response of Conopomorpha sinensis Bradley to 22 kinds of plant essential oils, 19 kinds of compositions of essential oil and 9 mixtures.The EAG relative value was correlated with the doses range from 0.000 1-5 μL,but increased insignificantly at the doses over 5 μL in the dose-response test of cinnamon oil and citronella oil. At the dose of 5 μL, the maximum EAG relative values tested with cinnamon oil and citronella oil were 101.43 and 100.00 respectively. The EAG relative value tested with citronellal was 75.65, which was the highest in all of the compositions of essential oil. The EAG relative value tested with a mixture of cinnamon and citronellal(1/1,V/V) reached 114.38. Female responded stronger to most of the essential oils and the compositions of essential oils than the male.

    • Nematicidal Activity of Ethanol Extracts from Eucalyptus Plants against Meloidogyne javanica

      2010, 29(6):696-699. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0696-04

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      Abstract:Ethanol extracts from twigs of Eucalyptus plants (E.citriodora,E.urophyla×E.grand,E.urophyla) were assessed for their nematicidal activity against Meloidogyne javanica by using dipping method. The results demonstrated that all 3 plant extracts showed strong nematicidal activity against the second stage juveniles of Meloidogyne javanica and inhibited its egg hatching; with 20 mg/mLconcentration and 72 h treatment, the mortality of juveniles was about 90%.Cucumber and water spinach pot trial showed, when 15 mL Eucalyptus plants twigs powder was applied to 1 L soil, the root knot disease caused by Meloidogyne javanica could be effectively controlled, and the galls and the eggs of egg mass were reduced.

    • Control Effect of 9 Strains of Rhizobacteria to Meloidogyne incognita of Tomato Plant on Potted Experiment

      2010, 29(6):700-703. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0700-04

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      Abstract:Through the potted experiments of tomato in greenhouse, the biocontrol ability of 9 strains of rhizobacteria to root knot nematodes(Meloidogyne incognita) was studied. The results showed that these strains could reduce the formation of the galls: the control efficiency of strain 119 was the greatest at 57.75% after 30 days, and 55.88% after 60 day. These 9 strains could also promote the growth of tomato plants too: strain 333 showed best growth promotion ability, the plant height and mass were 43.00 cm and 11.17 g respectively, and were increased by 37.25% and 76.46% compared to those of CK. However, the application of a mixture of the strains did not provide significant disease suppression compared to the application of a single strain, but could significantly promote the growth of tomato plants. Strain 119 was classified as Bacillus megaterium,based on the analysis of their 16S rDNA sequences, and the morphological and biochemical tests.

    • >Resources and environment
    • Preparation and Releasing Capability of Solid-Liquid Reaction Coated Controlled-Release Fertilizers Films from Hogwash Oil

      2010, 29(6):704-709. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0704-06

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      Abstract:The preparation techniques of slow/controlled-release fertilizers films with hogwash oil as the starting material was studied.Six coated urea were prepared through solid-liquid reaction,and their controlled-release capability of nitrogen was researched with water dissolution.Results showed that the maximum recovery rate of hogwash oil can be obtained by addition of sulphuric acid 2.6%,water 40%,and then water washing six times.Sulphuric acid is more economic than phosphate acid.Alcoholysis hogwash oil with suitable viscosity and hydroxyl value can be got when hogwash oil reacts with polyisocyanate (mole ratio (1.0∶0.7)-(1.0∶0.9));The characteristic films made from prepolymer of alcoholysis hogwash oil and polyisocyanate with bentonite were determined by nitrogen transiting dose of the saturated urea solution,and the membrane permeability was increased along with the proportion of alcoholysis hogwash oil.Six coated urea with well controlled-release effect for water dissolution rate could be produced along with two kind hydroxyl value alcoholysis hogwash oil and two ratio of hogwash oil to polyisocyanate (mass ratio:2.5∶1.0 and 3.0∶1.0),the dissolution rate in water is 8.9%-11.1% in 24 h,seven days cumulate ones is 35.7%-42.1%.

    • Effects of Combined Application of N,P,K on Nutrient Uptake and Distribution of Rice

      2010, 29(6):710-714. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0710-05

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      Abstract:Field experiments were carried out to investigate the effects of different fertilizer application treatments on the response of biomass dry matter mass and N,P,K uptake and distribution of rice.The results showed that fertilizer increased dry matter mass of brown rice,hull and straw,and N,P,K uptake amount of rice.Compared with CK (without fertilizer),dry matter mass of brown rice,hull and straw of NPK (combined application of N,P and K) treatment increased 1 343,302 and 2 152 kg/hm2,N,P and K uptake amount increased 51.30,11.59 and 76.45 kg/hm2,respectively.N,P,K content of various organs of rice was different.Both N and P content in various organs was in the order of brown rice>straw>hull; K content was in the order of straw>hull>brown rice.N,P,K distribution in straw increased with fertilizer application,but there was a reverse trend in brown rice.There were similarities and differences of response trend and extent of N,P,K uptake and distribution of different fertilizer treatments.Adjusting fertilizer application can change element distribution in various organs of rice,thus promoting the uptake and circulation of nutrients.This investigation can provide a useful information for high yield production of rice.

    • Effects of Aluminum Stress on Physiological Structure and Enzymes in ROS Metabolism in the Root of Different Al-Tolerant Wheat

      2010, 29(6):715-720. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0715-06

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      Abstract:Al-tolerant wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Atlas 66 and Al-sensitive wheat Scout 66 were studied to elucidate the differences on cell structure and ROS metabolism in root tip under Al stress.The results showed that both Atlas 66 and Scout 66 showed a retardation of root cell elongation after treated with 50.0 mol/L Al for 6,12 and 24 h.RRE (relative root elongation) and RCL (relative cell length) was well correlated (R2=0.919).Root tip cells of Atlas 66 and Scout 66 were damaged with different degree:Longitudinal sections revealed that the epidermal cells in the elongation zone became flat,intercellular space decreased after 24 h of 50.0 mol/L AlCl3 treatment.Damages to cell structure on Scout 66 were more serious than that on Atlas 66.The results indicated that the inhibition of cell elongation was due to the damage of cell structure,thus inhibited the elongation of root.After the treatment of 50.0 mol/L AlCl3 for 24 h,the activity of superoxide dismutases (SOD),catalase (CAT),ascorbate peroxidase (APX),peroxidases (POD) and glutathionereductase(GR) in Atlas 66 and Scout 66 increased by 8.2%,82.0%,44.0%,25.0%,23.5% and 23.3%,33.6%,26.9%,32.5%,14.8%,respectively.The results indicated that increased activities of enzymes in ROS metabolism were induced by the application of Al and that difference in ROS metabolism can cause the Al-tolerant difference among different Al-tolerant wheat varieties.

    • Spatio-Temporal Changing Analysis on Water Quality and Pollutants of Hanjiang River

      2010, 29(6):721-726. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0721-06

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      Abstract:Single-factor evaluation and comprehensive pollution index of water quality are used for water quality and pollution level assessment of Hanjiang River valley based on monthly monitoring data from 2007 to 2009.The results showed that the water quality of Hanjiang River valley is good on the whole and could be divided into four parts along the River flows.In the 19 sections of Hanjiang River main stream,5 sections’ pollution level are relatively higher,the reaches between these 5 sections are the main polluted areas.There are 7 key pollution indicators,among which total phosphorus has the highest frequency of appearance,followed by BOD5.The sources and impacts of major pollutants are analyzed from three aspects:the water from tributaries of Hanjiang River,diffused pollution,domestic sewage.

    • >Microbiology
    • Characterization of Ethanol Producing Candida tropicalis Yeast in Xylose Fermentation

      2010, 29(6):727-731. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0727-05

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      Abstract:The characteristics of one Candida tropicalis yeast strain which can produce ethanol from xylose-fermenting was studied under different fermentation conditions.The results showed that dissolved oxygen concentration had a great influence on both the yield and productivity of ethanol,with moderate dissolved oxygen concentration being conducive to cell growth and ethanol accumulation.A higher initial cell concentration and urea are conducive to the yield of ethanol.In the condition of sufficient carbon and nitrogen source,extending the fermentation time,yield of ethanol can reach up to the steady-state of 25.58 g/L while the cell concentration tends to be stable,about 6.54×108/mL.The steady state is a dynamic balance due to the equivalent of ethanol production and consumption.

    • Rapid and High Throughput Extraction of Secondary Metabolites from Microorganisms Using Macro-Porous Adsorption Resin

      2010, 29(6):732-736. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0732-05

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      Abstract:Macro-porous adsorption resins,AB-8 and ADS-17,were used to extract small chemical molecules from bacterial fermentation liquid and the absorbed small molecules were eluted with 50% ethanol.The neuraminidase inhibition activities of the extracts were determined with a sensitive fluorometric assay using the substrate sodium (2′-O-4-methylumbelliferyl N-acetylneuraminic acid,MUNANA),the reaction was carried out at pH 6.0 and in the presence of 1.0 μL of viral solution.The results showed that resin purification method is much better than using fermentation liquid directly.The small molecules can be greatly enriched and the amount of fermentation liquid required in resin purification method is much less than that of organic reagent extraction.Extracts of resin-purification method is equivalent to ethyl acetate extraction in activity against neuraminidase of influenza virus H1N1.But the cost of time and reagent is much less,indicating that the resin purification method is suitable for high throughput preparation of microbial metabolites.

    • Chemomorphosis and Enzymatic Characterization of Proteinase-Producing Bacillus subtilis

      2010, 29(6):737-740. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0737-04

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      Abstract:Bacillus subtilis mutant with improved protease activity was obtained using DES treatment.The approximate molecular weight of this protease was obtained using gelatin as a substrate,and effects of mercaptoethanol on the protease activity were detected as well.The protease was treated under different temperatures and pH conditions.The enzyme activity was examined using ninhydrin.The molecular weight of the purified enzyme was estimated to be 100 ku by SDS-PAGE.The optimum pH and temperature was 6.0,50 ℃.About 50% enzymatic activity was retained after incubation at 70 ℃ for 10 min.The enzyme activity was significantly influenced by mercaptoethanol.Based on the difference of molecular weight and optimum pH from reported protease of Bacillus subtilis,it indicated that this protease was a new-type with wide applications.

    • >Animal and veterinary
    • Rice Protein Levels Affect Body Mass and Lipids Level in Adult Rats

      2010, 29(6):741-744. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0741-04

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      Abstract:To elucidate the effect of rice protein level (7% and 14%) on body mass and lipids level in adult rats,male Wistar 20-week-old rats were fed rice protein (RP) and casein (CAS) adlibitum for 2 weeks.Body mass gain,deposit fat,and lipids concentration in plasma and liver were measured.Under 7% dietary protein level,no difference of body mass,growth performance,lipids in plasma and liver was found in C7 and R7.In contrast,R14 produced marked hypocholesterolemic action in comparison with C14,reflecting in the significant reduction of total cholesterol (TC),non high density lipoprotein cholesterol (non HDL-C),triglyceride (TG) in plasma (P<0.05).As a result,the atherogenic index (AI) of adult rats fed R14 was lower than those fed CAS.The liver accumulations of total cholesterol and triglyceride were significantly decreased in adult rats fed R14 as compared with C14 (P<0.05),with the increased dietary protein level.Body mass gain of adult rats fed R14 was lower than those fed C14,although no difference of body mass gain were observed in both groups of 7% dietary protein level.The present results suggest that the potential anti-obesity of RP might be closely related to dietary protein level,which may play an important role in regulation of lipids level and body mass gain.

    • >Aquatic farming
    • Identification,Pathogenicity and Drug Sensitivity of Streptococcus agalactiae from Hybrid Tilapia,Oreochromis niloticus×Oreochromis aureus

      2010, 29(6):745-751. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0745-07

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      Abstract:The dominant bacterial strain,designated as LFY-08-23,was isolated from the diseased hybrid tilapia,Oreochromis niloticus×Oreochromis aureus in Hainan Province.The biochemical and physiological characteristics of the isolates were studied by using conventional method and Biolog System.The test showed that the isolates were Gram-positive cocci arranging in chains,catalase negative,β-haemolytic on 5% sheep blood agar and serogroup B.According to their 16S rRNA gene sequence and molecular phylogenetic dendrogram,the strain LFY-08-23 was most close to Streptococcus agalactiae with a similarity of 99.8%.The virulent test was carried out by using the pure culture of the bacteria artificially infected Ictalurus punctatus and Carassius auratus gibelio.The two species of experimental fish all died at bacterial concentration of 1.0×109 cfu/mL.The morphological and biochemical characteristics of the re-isolated bacteria from the artificially infected diseased fish were the same as those of the original infected bacteria.The susceptibility test to antibiotics demonstrated that the isolate strain LFY-08-23 was sensitive to most of the tested antibiotics,especially highly sensitive to 13 kinds of antibiotics,such as Cefotaxime,Ciprofloracin,Rifampici,and resistant to 5 antibiotics,such as Kanamycin,Streptomycin,Gantrisin.

    • cDNA Cloning and Expression Characterization of Ghrelin of Zanzibar tilapia,Oreochromis hornorum

      2010, 29(6):752-757. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0752-06

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      Abstract:Ghrelin precursor cDNA was identified from the stomach of Zanzibar tilapia,Oreochromis hornorum by RT-PCR.The total sequence of ghrelin was 833 bp in length,consisting of 97 bp of 5′-untranslated region(UTR),412 bp of 3′-UTR and 324 bp open reading frame (ORF)encoding 107- amino-acids prepro-ghrelin.The nucleotide sequence identities among Zanzibar tilapia and other tilapia are above 99.0%.The expression of ghrelin genes in stomach,muscle and pituitary and some other tissues in male and female Zanzibar tilapia were detected by RT-PCR.The results showed that ghrelin was widely distributed in Zanzibar tilapia tissues.High expression levels were detected in stomaches of both female and male individuals,but there were different expression levels in other tissues detected between females and males.The expression level of ghrelin in female muscle was 132 times higher than in male’s.The effect of fast on ghrelin expression in Zanzibar tilapia was also investigated using relative RT-PCR.The results indicated that the expression level of ghrelin in stomach increased in the fasting individual much more than in the normal feeding individual.The highest ghrelin expression level in fasting individual was 47.3 times than the lowest in normal ones.

    • Sequencing and Phylogenetic Analysis of 16S rRNA Genes of Pathogenic Bacteria Isolated from Cultivated Eels

      2010, 29(6):758-763. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0758-06

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      Abstract:Thirty five pathogenic bacteria verified by artificial infection from the livers of diseased eels were subjected to sequencing and phylogenetic analysis.DNA was extracted by CTAB method from each isolate,the 16S rRNA genes were amplified using universal bacterial primers,and then the 35 isolates were identified by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis,sequences analysis and phylogenetic analysis of the 16S rRNA genes.The phylogenetic tree was constructed.The results indicated that these pathogenic bacteria belong to six genera and one family of two major groups (γ-Proteobacteria and Firmicutes).The Aeromonas genus is predominant (occupied 63%),including Aeromonas hydrophila,Aeromonas veronii,Aeromonas jandaei,and Aeromonas punctata.The Bacillus genus is second dominant.The rest are Yersinia ruckeri,Citrobacter freundii,and species of klebsiella geuns,Pseudoalteromonas genus and Enterobacteriaceae family.

    • Prokaryotic Expression of Channel Catfish Herpesvirus ORF6 and ORF10 and Antibodies Preparation

      2010, 29(6):764-767. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0764-04

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      Abstract:Primers were designed according to the channel catfish virus open reading frame 6 and 10,and both fragments of 417 bp and 456 bp were produced by PCR.The recombinant expressing plasmid pET-32a-ORF6 and pET-32a-ORF10 were constructed and subsequently expressed in E.coli after induced with IPTG.The purified proteins were used to immune rabbits separately and antibodies were obtained.Western blot analysis indicated that the polyclonal antibodies of ORF10 could react specifically with the purified CCV virions demonstrating that the ORF10 is a structural protein of CCV.

    • Effect of Fenvalerat on Activtity of Hepatic CYP3A in Grass Carp

      2010, 29(6):768-771. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0768-04

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      Abstract:The CYP3A activity in different tissues of grass carp and the effect of fenvalerat on the hepatic CYP3A activity had been studied.There were three test concentrations,1.2,6.0,12.0 μg/L,respectively,a blank control,and a positive control of enrofloxacin to study the effect of fenvalerat on the hepatic CYP3A activtity in grass carp.The results showed that CYP3A activity was detected in liver,gill,kidney,spleen,intestine and brain,with the highest activity in liver.Fenvalerate significantly inhibited the hepatic CYP3A activity and this effect was enhanced with the exposure time.The effect was weaken after 3 days.There were no significant differences between the test groups.Therefore,the clinical use of this pyrethroid,especially combination therapy in aquaculture should be in caution.

    • >Horticulture and forestry science
    • Genetic Gain of Analysis on Half-Sib Progenies Family of Pinus massoniana

      2010, 29(6):772-777. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0772-06

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      Abstract:Using 16-years-old half-sib progenies of Pinus massoniana stand from seed orchard of Jingshan County,Hubei Province as materials,growth factors such as diameter at breast height (DBH),tree height,height under branch,crown diameter and timber volume were measured.Results showed that there were significant differences of growth factors measured among different half-sib progenies,indicating that there were abundant genetic variation among half-sib progenies family and potentials for selection.The heritability of height,DBH and timber volume of 16-years-old Pinus massoniana stand were 0.843 5,0.740 5 and 0.750 6,respectively.According to the heritability value,height,timber volume and DBH could be used as selection indexes.Using 10% as selection ratio,9 superior half-sib progenies families could be selected with genetic gains of height,DBH and timber volume were 13.37%,25.57% and 51.53%,respectively.

    • Modern Agricultural Garden Planning Method Based on the Functional System

      2010, 29(6):778-782. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0778-05

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      Abstract:Based on the current development situation of the agricultural garden in China,the basic functions of the agricultural garden are put forward as ecological,productive,recreative and service function.From that,the logic framework and the specific content of agricultural garden planning with Chinese characteristics is proposed.A development construction plan of the agricultural garden should include the preliminary study,the development strategy,the spatial plan and the implementation strategy.The application of planning ideas mentioned above in the planning practice of the modern agriculture demonstration area in Changji National Agricultural Science and Technology Garden,Xinjiang has obtained favorable social,economic and ecological effect.

    • >Food science and technology
    • Effects of Technological Conditions on Security Qualities of Cured Fish

      2010, 29(6):783-787. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0783-05

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      Abstract:To evaluate changes of security qualities during processing of cured fish,effects of salt addition,pickling temperature and time,and drying conditions on nitrite content,acid value,peroxide value,TBA value and TVB-N content of cured silver carp with dry-cured method were studied.Nitrite content,acid value,peroxide value,TBA value and TVB-N content were significantly affected by curing conditions and drying methods.The nitrite content,acid value and TVB-N content of cured fish were high with low salt addition.The nitrite content,acid value,peroxide value,TBA value and TVB-N content of cured fish were high with high pickling temperature and long pickling time.Among four drying methods,the nitrite content,acid value,peroxide value,TBA value and TVB-N content of cured fish with vacuum freeze-drying were low while the acid value,peroxide value,TBA value and TVB-N content of cured fish with microwave drying were high.When cured fish were picked at 10 ℃ for 4 days with 6% salt addition and dried,its nitrite content,acid value,peroxide value,TBA value and TVB-N content were less than 2.55 mg/kg,0.63 mg/g,0.18 g/kg,10.54 mg/kg,and 229.6 mg/kg,respectively.All of these parameters were in line with standards set by government,which indicated that cured fish was safe for eating.

    • Methyl Esterification Optimization and Quantitative Analysis of the Non-Volatile Organic Acids in Tobacco

      2010, 29(6):788-793. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0788-06

      Abstract (1120) HTML (0) PDF 1.01 M (2903) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:Eight kinds of non-volatile organic acids including malic acid,fumaric acid,9-octadecenoic acid and so on in cut tobacco from fifteen different planting areas were determined by GC/MS.The methyl esterification conditions of non-volatile organic acids were optimized.The results showed that the optimal time,temperature of methyl esterification was 50 min and 70 ℃.The optimal volume proportion of boron trifluoride to methanol,RSD of the method,the recovery of non-volatille organic acid was 3∶7,3.34%-7.32%,and 79.50%-101.35%,respectively.

    • >Agricultural engineering
    • Design of Electronic Nose System Based on Virtual Instrument Technology to Determine Fishmeal Freshness

      2010, 29(6):794-797. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0794-04

      Abstract (1233) HTML (0) PDF 1.21 M (2075) Comment (0) Favorites

      Abstract:In order to find a convenient and efficient way to measure the freshness of fishmeal,on the basis of volatile odor of storage fishmeal,four-gas sensor arrays(TGS822 for ethanol,TGS825 for H2S,TGS826 for NH3 and aime,TGS832 for halocarbon) were selected as the nose of the electronic nose system.An electronic nose system based on portable data acquisition device of USB standard and LabVIEW was constructed.The number of storage days of fishmeal was detected by electronic nose and semimicro-kjeldahl determination.Cluster analysis of fishmeal was studied through principal component analysis(PCA).The results show that different freshness of fishmeal can be clustered well,which proves the applicability of electronic nose measurement system.

    • >Literature summaries
    • Advances in Research on the Factors Influencing Fruit Cracking

      2010, 29(6):798-804. DOI: 1000-2421(2010)06-0798-07

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      Abstract:The cracking of fruit skin and the splitting of underlying flesh is a kind of fruit physiological disorder,which downgrades the fruit appearance quality and causes the infection of disease,thereby reducing the commercial value and resulting in serious economic loss.Herein recent studies on fruit cracking were reviewed,mainly focusing on the influence of phenotypic characteristics,genetic factor,physiological characters,mineral nutrients,environmental conditions,plant growth regulators and cultivation practices.The prospect of research was discussed.

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