,a Perl script for searching motifs in a group of related DNA/protein sequences

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    A motif is a sequence pattern occurring repeatedly in a group of related DNA or protein sequences,and is an important concept for describing the common structure and function shared by the members of a protein family.However,the motif can be quite complex and is often difficult to predict the pattern of amino acid sequence.To get the desired results of the short motifs (2-4 polypeptides) derived from various bioinformatics is still a difficult task.The can be used to solve this problem and provide a convenient set of Perl script for working with biological sequence motif.A Perl script was written for searching very similar amino acid sequence pattern or motif in a group of related protein sequences by matching all the possible amino acids fragments permutation and counting frequency and position of each motif matched in sequence.

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李旭凯,彭良才,王令强. pep_pattern. pl, a Perl script for searching motifs in a group of related DNA/protein sequences[J]. Jorunal of Huazhong Agricultural University,2014,33(04):1-6.

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