Combining Ability Analysis in Rice Using Recombinant Inbred Lines 

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    Seventeen restorer lines with fertility restorer (Rf3/Rf4) and plant hopper resistance (Bph14/Bph15) from B5 genes were obtained with molecular marker-aided selection from recombinant inbred lines constructed through crossing Minghui 63 with B5 and Zhongguoxiangdao.Combining ability,heritabilities and correlation of nine agronomic traits were analyzed using NCII experiment design to cross the 17 restorer lines with 3 wild-abortive type cyto-plasmic male sterile(CMS-WA)lines.The results showed that the general combining ability of nine agronomic traits except tillers per plant were significantly different (P<0.05 and P<0.01).The special combining ability of heading date,grains per panicle and seed setting were highly different(P<0.01).These traits were controlled largely by additive effect.Most traits were affected by sterile lines except plant height and seed setting influenced much more by restorer lines.The broad heritability and narrow heritability of most traits were higher than 60%.Broad heritability and narrow heritability of tillers per plant and yield were lower than 50%.Yield per plant were significantly correlated with tillers per plant,grains per panicle and seed setting at P<0.05and P<0.01.Correlation coefficient were significant at P<0.05 andP<0.01 between general combining ability and phenotypic values for most traits.

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付新民,王 岩,高冠军,何予卿. Combining Ability Analysis in Rice Using Recombinant Inbred Lines [J]. Jorunal of Huazhong Agricultural University,2010,29(4):397-402.

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