Study on the Response of Cherry Blossom Period in Wuhan to Urban Heat Island Effect

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    The urban heat island effect (UHI) directly affects plant phenology through temperature changes and is one of the most important factors affecting plant phenology changes in cities.By analyzing the temporal and spatial response of flowering period of cherry blossoms in Wuhan to urban heat island effect, the accuracy of the cherry blossom period prediction model can be improved, and the cherry blossom period prediction can be better done.Based on the observation data of the first-flowering period of Cherry Blossoms in Wuhan University and the meteorological data of the same period, the results show that, the urban heat island effect in Wuhan has been obviously enhanced since the late 1980s.Compared with the previous 30 years, the heating rate and contribution rate of urban heat island in winter have increased significantly since 1988, which indicates that the increase of winter temperature in recent years is largely caused by the enhancement of urban heat island effect.Urban heat island is the highest in the central city of Wuhan, showing radiation spreading from the urban core to the suburban areas. Huangpi and Xinzhou in the north are hardly affected by the heat island.The flowering period of cherry blossoms in Wuhan has obvious response to the urban heat island effect in winter in time and space. For every 1℃ increase in the average temperature of five years in winter, the initial flowering period of cherry blossoms will advance by about 2.8d days.The flower viewing spots such as Yangtze riverside park and Holiday Inn Riverside, which are located in the center of the city, are the earliest areas where cherry blossoms bloom, 1-2 days earlier than the flowering period of Wuhan University; Cherry Blossom garden in East lake and Dijiao Park are 1-2 days later than the flowering period of Wuhan University.

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