Cloning and function of LcC2DP1 gene related to the adventitious root development in Lotus corniculatus L.

The Key laboratory of Plant Resource Conservation and Germplasm Innovation in Mountainous Region(Ministry of Education)/Institute of Agro-bioengineering/College of Life Sciences, Guizhou University, Guiyang 550025, China

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    The LcC2DP1 gene was cloned from the Lotus corniculatus RACE method to study the function of C2 calcium dependent protein kinase gene LcC2DP1 of Lotus corniculatus the process of adventitious root development.The spatial expression mode of LcC2DP1 gene was detected with qRT-PCR.The overexpression and function of LcC2DP were identified by Agrobacterium mediated transient expression system.The results showed that the full length of LcC2DP1 gene was 705 bp,encoding 235 amino acids.Its molecular weight was 25.95 ku,with the highest homology of Medicago truncatula (82%).It was continuously expressed during the differentiation of adventitious roots in Lotus corniculatus L..The expression sites were roots,stems and leaves.Compared with wild-type parents (WT),the adventitious root differentiation of the LcC2DP1 transgenic Lotus corniculatus L. plants(TP) was 1-2 days earlier.On the 9th to 15th day of adventitious root differentiation,the total root length was 168% and 155% of WT,the root volume was 249% and 161% of WT,and the number of root tips was 156% and 137% of WT,respectively.The total root length (P<0.01),root volume (P<0.01) and number of root tips (P<0.05) of TP root had certain advantages of development,indicating that LcC2DP1 gene may be related to the regulation of adventitious root development in Lotus corniculatus L..

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马思宇,肖芳斌,罗雪,韦飘,宋莉. Cloning and function of LcC2DP1 gene related to the adventitious root development in Lotus corniculatus L.[J]. Jorunal of Huazhong Agricultural University,2023,42(1):42-50.

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